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Bespoke Private Tours

If coming to Ireland was always a dream of yours but you could never find the right tour to suit your needs, then a bespoke tour might be the one for you. It's your vacation so why not do it your way. 

Get in touch and we can develop a full tour package to suit you travelling style, maybe stay in a luxurious castle or chase your family heritage. Why not go horse riding on a beach or maybe go see a game of hurling (one of our national sports). The possibilities are endless when it comes to a bespoke tour.

What you get when you book a Bespoke Tour:


Fully licensed and fully insured tour company to assist you in everything you need to make your trip a vacation of a lifetime

A luxurious Mercedes mini coach to travel in (minimum 5 people, maximum 15 people)

Airport taxi pickup and drop off


All your accommodations from the moment you get here to the moment you leave

A highly trained and experienced tour guide

Every attraction is included

Evening entertainment can be arranged 

The confidence that no matter what, we are here to assist

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