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Welcome to Valhalla Tours of Ireland

Valhalla Tours offers an unparalleled & immersive small group travel experience to each and every guest. We embrace Irelands culture, spirit and landscape to showcase the best we have to offer through the eyes of passionate locals.

Definition of Valhalla:

A place like Heaven where the great Viking warriors go to feast with the Gods, tell stories of great battles lost and won. To reside in a place of happiness for eternity.

The hardest thing is to trying to pick one

Valhalla tours is an Irish owned and operated company with the knowledge and enthusiasm to offer what no other tour company does, a fully inclusive small group tour. 

Staying at the best 4 & 5 star accommodations, right in the heart of all the action. We always ensure that each and every guest gets the most out of their tour no matter what they are looking for.


Each tour is personalised to everyone on board, so if you want to go sea kayaking off the west coast, learn all about the deep history of our nation, meet the locals in a cosy pub while listening to traditional Irish music, or all of the above, then Valhalla Tours is the one for you.

Our tours have been developed with you in mind, this is not a whistle stop tour, we want you to explore, indulge and unwind while learning all about the history and culture of Ireland. Our tours are purposely small, not only to fit down the back roads and by-roads but to make great friends along the way.


A maximum of 15 people in a luxurious Mercedes mini coach allows you to get to know everyone on board by name before the first day is out, sharing an adventure with friends is what travelling is all about.


Bespoke Private Guided Tours

Valhalla Tours Ireland offers fully customisable private group tours to suit all your travel needs. No matter what type of trip you’re looking for, we work hard to make it happen. Get in touch with our experts to start planning your next great Irish vacation.

Have you ever wanted to bring your family horse riding on the beach or maybe stay in a luxurious Irish Castle. Well, now is your chance.

Irish Castle stay
Horse riding Ireland

Contact Us

Here at Valhalla Tours Ireland we are more than happy to help.

Although please bare in mind that we operate under GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which might mean that when you are bright eyed and bushy tailed we are sound asleep. But rest assured we will always get back to you.


Please feel free to leave an enquiry at the email below!

   +353 83 1866285

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